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Business Growth Redefined: Transform Your Business with The Power of HR Outsourcing Services

"Are You Looking for a Business Consulting Partner for an expansion or growth? Or Wish to Outsource HR or Looking for some specific HR Service? Or Facing day to day challenges in your Business?"

HR Outsourcing

Meet, ​HROLogist™ 

Your Own HR Department &  Personal HR Team 

Why you need an HR Business Partner for Your Business to Transform?

If you're an MSME entrepreneur/company or part of a growing organization or a Startup, and facing business challenges such as the following-

  • Day to day 'Business Operational' challenges : Without a HRBP you are almost stuck in day to day business operational challenges while you should focus on business development and sales.

  • Recruitment & Hiring issues: It becomes challenging to recruit and attract the right/top talent for your company. This may lead to a shortage of skilled employees, which can impact the growth of the organization

  • Performance issue of your employees : HR is essential for effective employee performance management and performance based appraisal systems. A proper system sets goals, engages staff, and identifies top talent, crucial for small to medium-sized companies. Without it, productivity, quality, engagement, and retention suffer. Your HRBP designs a dynamic Performance Management System (PMS).

  • Compliance with Labor Laws : Small and medium employers in India need to comply with various labor laws such as the Minimum Wages Act, the Payment of Bonus Act, the Employees Provident Fund Act, and the Employees State Insurance Act. Without an HR department, it becomes challenging to keep track of these regulations and ensure compliance. Without having proper Compliance it becomes tough to attract and retain good employees. 

  • Employee Engagement and Retention issues: Engaging and retaining employees is essential for the growth and success of any organization. However, without an HR department, small and medium employers may struggle to create a positive work environment, identify employee needs and concerns, and implement effective retention strategies.

  • An organization without proper HR Policies : For any company small or big HR policies are a must as it ensures your business is functioning in a systematic manner and is able to retain and attract the best of the talent available. Without HR policies an organization becomes spineless and is unable to grow as it should be growing. 

An Organization without HR

"The absence of HR in an organization leads to inconsistency, legal issues, and recruitment challenges. HR policies are vital for a secure work environment. Investing in HR and partnering with an HRBP ensures compliance, positive culture, and top talent attraction, while lack of HR can result in reputation damage, decreased morale, and safety risks, hampering overall growth" 



Optimize Your Business with The Power of HR Processes 




  • Build Your Company's Capability & Achieve Growth  through Strategic HR Advisory Process: Our Strategic HR Advisory drives organizational excellence in the long run. Our expertise lies in offering tailored solutions at the core of the business level, empowering organizations to achieve their strategic goals through effective HR initiatives. Learn More 


  • Streamline Business Operations and Maximize Productivity of Your Team by our Seamless Payroll System Implementation: With our expertise in HR technology and extensive experience in managing payroll functions, we offer a streamlined and automated solution to optimize your business operations. Learn More 


  • Transform Your Organization's Success & Growth: Unlocking the Potential of Your Team by Performance Management: We understand the importance of effective Performance Management Systems in driving organizational success. Our comprehensive performance management solution ensures accurate performance evaluation, provides valuable insights to employees, and facilitates a two-way feedback process for continuous improvement. Learn More 


  • Plan & Grow your dream Team with our Talent Acquisition Process:  Our Talent Acquisition services go beyond conventional recruitment. We craft a strategic approach to attract, engage, and secure top-tier talent that aligns with your organization's unique needs and aspirations. Leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and a deep understanding of industry dynamics, we create a sustainable talent pipeline that drives your business growth. From proactive sourcing to candidate relationship management, our Talent Acquisition services ensure you have the right people in place to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Learn More



Experience & Exposure

Over 15+ Years of experience of overall understanding of how HR works Across Most of the Major Industries in India & Abroad & HR Outsourcing Expertise since 2018 with some fast growing MSME enterprises. 


Less Cost Less Time

The entire team of HROLogist will work at the cost of a junior employee for your business which will save a lot of your cost as well as time due to team efforts. 


Bringing Best of the HR Technology Tools at almost Zero Cost 

With an Advance in Information Technology such as AI & machine learning more and more businesses are adapting the latest technology to manage their business. HROLogist has partnered with various Technology companies to bring the best of the available HR Technology (HRIMS, Payroll,Compliance, Travel etc) into your business. The best part is most of these tools are Free for you without any extra charge.


Hiring the right people which your Business requires  

Our expertise of more than 15+ years in Recruitment will provide you with the best of the resources which is right for your business having operations anywhere. Say no to 'Wrong Hirings'. 


Making your Business 'Compliance' friendly 

There are various Central & State Government compliance and laws which your business must follow. Non-compliance can be catastrophic for businesses, resulting in fines and reputational damage that is hard to fix, which is why the legal compliance related to your business  needs to be proactively managed. However, frequent changes and increasingly complex laws  can make it challenging for employers to keep up but working with us can provide you peace of mind knowing your HR strategy & your business overall is compliant.


Increasing overall performance, efficiency & productivity  

Efficiency is key. Apart from building a strong team, organizations must think about processes and systems. The people function is no different and many businesses suffer from HR-related inefficiencies. The HROLogist team works on a daily basis to increase the efficiency & productivity of your people along with periodic 'performance management'.  


Managing your day to day business & HR operations 

Team HROLogist not only provide consulting or advisory services like traditional consultants but we go hand in hand with you in planning & executing things on a day to day basis. The HROLogist team is totally responsible & accountable for your business just like any of your employees.

HR Business Partner Vs HR Employee.png

HR Business Partner VS Full Time HR Employee

What is HROLogist?

HROLogist by HSI Consulting is a team of smart professionals who knows how to optimize your daily business operations so that you focus only on the most important thing for your business which is sourcing your customers.  

Since 2018 Team HROLogist has been upgrading various businesses and helping entrepreneurs to achieve their long term business goals. 

Team HROLogist has been successfully streamlining business operations of all size and scale. Creating a systematic way of doing business through people management and technology.  


Our Competency is due to our Methodology, Approach & timely execution. The thorough understanding of the vision and mission of your company and the analysis of the gap between your expectations Vs reality and how to overcome this gap is what matters to us. Our goal is to create your organization a great place to work"

- HROLogist 



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Visual House India Pvt Ltd
Ossify Industries Pvt Ltd
Shrestha Bharat Elevator Pvt Ltd is a company into Elevators
Affluent Uniparels


"Thanks to the HROLogist team, our business has become more systematic, organized, and policy-driven. They are the reason for our business growth."

Co Founder & Director

Dr Vijay Goel

Bio Aide Technologies Pvt Ltd

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